Consumers Are...

…setting the pace for how healthcare is being delivered. This palpable trend in adopting technology to improve care delivery and to increase patient engagement will continue to grow in the coming years.  Healthcare reimbursement standards by payers are now centered on core competencies that include culture-centered care and provider/patient engagement in chronic disease maintenance.


Patient Benefits

  • Health tools meeting patients wherever they are. AH allows patients access to an easy-to-navigate health portal that teaches them about managing their chronic condition in a fun environment. The apps and portal tools are skills and confidence building, allowing the patient to navigate with ease in a supportive environment.

  • System includes access to real-time biometric health apps and other wellness apps, 250+ health video clips, educational modules and more, all in a secure and private environment managed by the patient.

  • Patients will be able to share health information with their care team, family members and caregivers connected to the patient portal. This unique two-way portal is a part of a platform that has many features that will set the trend for true patient-centered care.


  • Reasonably priced platform allows providers to invest in improving their patients' lives outside of the doctor's office to reduce reimbursement penalties by healthcare insurance payers
  • Real-time analytical gathering of patient activity on an aggregate basis is a key element in assisting providers and health system  in health delivery strategies.
  • A built-in rewards program motivating patients in achieving goals is a key driver for patient involvement.
  • Advaita Healthware brings data analytics, patient behavior and provider engagement all together while not interrupting the workflow of the care team, but instead making patient engagement more efficient.
  • Apps and features in the portal allow providers to capture revenue for services under the Affordable Care Act.
  • The AH brand is white labeled for each client. Tech support, training and customer service are at the core of its service delivery.
  • Providers can quickly realize a return on investment while licensing the Advaita
    Healthware products for patients.

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