At your recommendation, individuals will have access to quality life sustaining nutrition education tools that follow federal guidelines and best practices.  

User testimonials stated that they learned a great deal and believed that the tools will improve the overall understanding and change of dietary behavior and exercise regimen.

Your at-risk patients will learn to make healthy food choices through these nutrition modules, available via app and pdf. to measure and confirm comprehension, quizzes are included.

Twelve Modules including covering: What and How much to eat, and How to Plan and Prepare Healthy Meals


  • Healthy Fats

  • Mindful Eating

  • Foods to Limit

  • Cooking Healthy Meals

  • Shopping/Planning Meals

  • Carbohydrate Counting

  • What Should I Eat

  • Keeping Fit

  • Carbs

  • Fiber

  • Nourishing Colors

  • Healthy Protein

License these nutrition education modules free to your patients.

$250 Annual rate per Organization for up to 100 Users
$1,000 Annual rate per Organization for up to 500 Users
$250 and $1,000 Annual Renewal Rates



Practice Benefits


The Advaita® 12 nutrition modules contain fundamental nutrition information delivered in engaging written and video format, with self- administered quizzes at the end of each module to measure learning retention.

With this product you can receive data analytics on individual and cohort activity, which is a bonus if you are measuring health improvements among your patients.

The Advaita® nutrition education modules were compiled by our expert registered dietician and validated by a random selection of dieticians across the country. The nutrition platform is priced reasonably to allow you to provide these tools free to your patients who are dealing with weight management, pre-diabetes, Type II diabetes and comorbidities associated with Type II diabetes.  The award winning video clips allows for patients who learn from auditory cues to process and retain information.


The Advaita® nutrition tool will finally get patients engaged in recognizing the importance of self-learning and self-management of their condition, while allowing for the care team to have the ability to check patient activity through engagement reports. 

As the Advaita® platform continues to evolve, the other platform tools introduced will allow for patients to share measurable health activities outside the clinic setting.


The Benefits are Endless:

  • The use of a dietician’s input increases the success of a patient sustaining dietary modification and improvement health outcomes

  • This is an effective, valuable and much needed Internet tool at a fraction of the cost in helping to educate and manage your patient’s dietary activity

  • Improvement in the quality and effectiveness of Provider Driven Communication with Patients

  • Measurable Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Your patient portals will become more meaningful to the patient

  • Verifiable clinical exchange between patient and provider

  • Easy to access data charts that show patient performance and effective patient self-management of chronic disease(s)

  • Patient experience and satisfaction scores will increase

  • Subtitles and Multi-lingual Content

  • Word-of- mouth patient referrals

  • Modules can be reviewed many times to meet many different learning styles and literacy levels.

Patient Benefits


Patients attempting dietary modification alone have a high failure rate.

The nutrition education modules are useful for anyone seeking general healthy nutritional advice. They are useful for individuals with Type ll diabetes and pre-diabetes.

The key to avoiding certain chronic conditions such as Type II diabetes, heart failure and stroke is to follow recommended prevention guidelines on nutrition and tobacco smoking.  

For specific medical conditions, check with your health care provider whether these modules are appropriate. 

The modules will provide a means for patients to learn at their own pace--testing and adapting their skills on a daily basis.

Register your practice information today to see sample modules.  English and Spanish versions are available.



1. Can integrate into your portal or website.
                                            2.  Can download PDFs available for those patients who do not have Internet access.
              3. Or, you can provide your patients with a link to Advaita® to download for free.

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