MediaHealth Technologies, LLC (MHT) provides research and development of web and mobile health and wellness content tools to support patient and provider engagement. R &D have addressed integrating our tools into clinical workflow and decision making. Delivering a platform where patient-facing health information can be exchanged in a secure and trusting environment are the cornerstones of the company’s mission. Our subscription-based offering of Advaita Healthware allows for cross-platform integration.


a cloud-based patient education and health management solution that has the ability to connect other evidence-based and validated engagement tools from other vendors into our system and vice versa. To reduce in-house IT costs for providers, our platform is available for white-labeling, allowing for logos of the customer to be shown instead of the Advaita insignia.

Advaita Healthware is a cutting-edge approach that is designed to present a richer understanding of health behaviors, challenges and practices in managing one’s health. The concept of patient-centered care truly rests in the hands of the patient. Many research studies have shown that engaging patients in managing their health increases the quality of life.

The Advaita Healthware system is a very important extension of the trusting and supportive environment a doctor brings to the patient in a clinical setting. We are able to design culture-centered and personalized patient education and self-care features that are evidence-based and best practice upon customer specifications.

Market Trends

U.S. health leaders suggest that improving coordination of patient care through a team approach and the use of integrated health technology are the cornerstones in reducing costs and getting patients to manage their health.

Industry surveys indicate that over 95% of providers and hospitals have electronic health records and patient portals but lack patient engagement tools that are appealing to patients.

Patients as consumers are setting the pace for how healthcare is being delivered outside the doctor’s office, turning to the Internet and wearable devices for answers. Patients are also frustrated by the lack of choices they have to support managing their chronic disease outside of medication adherence.

Agencies We Reach

  • Third Party Payers

  • Community Health Centers

  • Tribal Health Services

  • Community Colleges & University Health Centers

  • Government Health Services & Initiatives

  • Health Researchers

  • Community-based Programs

  • Primary Care

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